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Dalby Office
45 Loudoun Rd
Dalby , QLD
27° 11' 6" S, 151° 14' 31.3584" E
Queensland AU

45 Loudoun Rd, Dalby. Queensland
Phone +61 (0) 7 4679 8500
Fax      +61 (0) 7 4679 8538

Trading Hours: 8am to 5pm Mon-Fri

Head Office and the Central Warehouse are both situated in Dalby, Queensland. Dalby lies in the hub of the Darling Downs, a comfortable three hour drive west of Brisbane. Engine Australia’s commitment to the local community extends over 50 years, and with plans in place to build a new $2.5 million warehouse and head office in the near future, that commitment will be ongoing. Head Office also incorporates the Dalby sales team which services Queensland (not including the S.E. region), the Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, and all export markets.



Philip Sturgess
Managing Director
Philip Sturgess Profile

Philip Sturgess is the youngest son of the company’s founder, Lindsay Sturgess. Philip completed an apprenticeship in Automotive Engine Reconditioning with Bryant’s Engineering in Brisbane, Queensland in 1981. In 1992 he graduated in Manufacturing and Materials Engineering at the University of Queensland. His unique combinations of practical and technical training were key factors supporting his appointment as Managing Director of Engine Australia in 1996. Philip is held in high regard both nationally and internationally for his technical expertise and is sought out by both clients and manufacturing suppliers. He resides with his wife and family near Dalby and is actively involved in many aspects of the Dalby community.

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Kerrie Donovan
Operations Manager
Kerrie Donovan Profile

Kerrie Donovan commenced working with Engine Australia in 1988 as a shipping clerk. Over time, her commitment and skill saw her promoted to Purchasing Manager. Studying part-time, Kerrie went on to be awarded a Bachelor of Commerce, during which time she was promoted to Operations Manager. Responsible for the day-to-day operational aspects of the business, she is an integral member of Engine Australia’s senior management team. Coming from a farming background, Kerrie continues to be actively involved in the family farm, including interests in Braford Stud farming and actively participates in its associated community.

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Mark Bryers
National Sales and Marketing Manager
Mark Bryers Profile

Mark Bryers commenced his life-time career in the automotive and diesel industry when he left high school. He commenced working with Engine Australia in 1988 as a salesman and customer service provider. Four years after the death of the company founder in 1987, Mark was appointed General Manager, which also included the duties of National Sales and Marketing. During this time Mark set up Engine Australia’s warehouses and sales teams in Brisbane and Melbourne. By the mid 90’s the role was too large for one person, necessitating a change. It was then that Mark chose to specialise in his current position and to this day is respected both nationally and internationally in the diesel engine parts industry. Mark lives with his wife and family in Dalby, Queensland and is actively involved in the local community.

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Karen Russell
Accounts Manager
Margaret Henry
Accounts Clerk


David French
Inventory Manager
David French Profile

In 2011 Dave French will have been with Engine Australia for 30 years. Being one of three staff members to have worked with the company’s founder, Lindsay Sturgess, Dave has been there almost from the beginning. Originally employed to manage, sell and despatch stock, Dave’s role also went onto include Research and Development. By the 1990’s Inventory Management required a full-time manager, particularly with stock being warehoused in several branches. Dave’s intimate knowledge of the product range and warehousing experience from before he joined the company, made him the obvious choice. With his wife, Dave lives on small acreage north of Dalby and is actively involved in the Dalby community.

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David Dunlop
Inventory Clerk and WH&S Officer
Dom Nobile
Warehouse Staff
Micheal Brown
Warehouse Staff
Adam Fletcher
Warehouse Staff


Steven Trickett
I.T. Manager
Steven Trickett Profile

Steven Trickett became a part of Engine’s management team in 2007. Having spent 14 years in the auto electrical business, his passion for computer technology inspired a career change to Information Technology. Going on to do a diploma in IT studies, Steven worked in computer retailing and support before joining Engine Australia. With 60 plus computers to maintain and keeping astride of the constant developments in Information Technology, Steven’s role in the company is integral. Having come to Dalby during his childhood, Steven is now married with a family and resides in the town.

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Michael Wieland
Purchasing Manager
Edwige Clawson
Shipping & Purchasing Assistant
Jessica Tarrant
Purchasing Assistant
Tanya O'May
Purchasing Assistant

Product Development

Rob Young
Product Development Manager
Aaron Little
Product Development Assistant