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The Errol D'Arcy Story

19 years old Errol D'Arcy lives in Kallangur and is currently fixing up an old Nissan Patrol G60.

What is amazing about this kid is that he has an aggressive form of bone cancer. While in hospital having his thigh bone removed and replaced with a titanium implant, he met a wonderful girl and they fell madly in love. Sadly, she lost her fight with cancer two months ago. They were doing up the G60 together to travel as much of Australia as they could.


• Iveco 8140.43 – Head gaskets
• Landrover 300Tdi – Cylinder heads (DPP)
• Mitsubishi 4D56CRDTi – Cylinder heads (DPP)
• Mitsubishi 4M41T – Cylinder heads (DPP)
• Mitsubishi 4M42T – Cylinder heads (DPP)
• Nissan RD28T – Cylinder heads (DPP)
• Nissan YD25DDTI – Conrod bearings – STD, 0.25
• Toyota 3B – Oil pumps
• Toyota 3B ’88 > - Cylinder heads (DPP)
• Toyota 15B-FT - Valve collets, spring caps
• Toyota 1HD-FT – Valve collets, spring caps
• Toyota 1KD-FTV – Cylinder heads (DPP)


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just past Minden on the Warrego highway




·        Caterpillar 3126 – Piston assemblies, ring sets, in-frame gasket sets, VRS gasket sets, head gaskets,

·        Isuzu 4HF1/4HG1 – Cylinder heads (bare)

·        LandRover 300TDi – Cylinder heads (bare)

·        Mitsubishi 4D56CRDTi – Cylinder heads (bare)

·        Mitsubishi 4M40T – Timing chain, sprocket, tensioner kits

January 21st 2013

Nissan YD25 engines have a history of breaking timing chains, resulting in major engine damage. When the engine is pulled down, amongst other things, the simplex vacuum pump sprocket and spline are nearly always heavily worn. Engine Australia’s Research and Development Manager, Justin Campbell, observes that, ‘The vacuum pump simplex sprocket and spline design on this engine are badly designed.

December 10th 2012

In line with the introduction of the Diesel Power Parts pre-topped piston range, the Diesel Performance Parts ceramic crown pistons will now be supplied as pre-topped pistons only. ‘Obviously it is impossible to machine the crowns of the ceramic crown pistons, so we will now only stock pre-topped ceramic crown pistons. If customers want standard compression height ceramic crown pistons, then they will be special order.’ said Engine Australia National Sales Manager, Mark Bryers.

November 18th 2012

Engine Australia announces their range of 0.15 mm factory pre-topped Diesel Power Parts Japanese diesel engine pistons. A quality engine rebuild will involve the cylinder block deck being machined – usually removing between 0.10 and 0.15 mm. This in turn affects the piston protrusion height. Because most smaller bore diesel engines (up to about 110 mm bore diameter) require strict control of the piston protrusion heights, the pistons must be assembled to the engine, protrusion heights measured, the pistons removed and then the piston crowns machined.

October 12th 2012

Engine Australia announces their new performance range Diesel Performance Parts. There is a limited application for performance diesel engine components, but there is a growing market. The first products are performance pistons to suit the Toyota 1HZ, 1HZ-T and Nissan TD42T/Ti, ZD30 engines. The pistons have ceramic coated crowns and Moly/Teflon coated skirts