Nissan TD42 Electric Water Pump Conversion Kit

Coolant housings and gaskets to replace the water pump and thermostat housings to allow use of electric water pump. The housings are machined to take AN16 fittings and the thermostat housing is machined to take standard temperature sender units, the electric water pump temperature sender unit and the heater inlet hose attachment. There is no thermostat used in this arrangement. A cover plate and gasket for the coolant inlet on the top of the timing cover housing is included. An electric radiator fan will also be needed.  (DPP brand)

Our part number: WPNITD42EK
Retail Price $378.13 inc


A range of anodised aluminium fittings are available for this kit.


We can supply an Electric Pump & Controller kit and pump mounting brackets from Davies Craig but customer can choose their own.

Remote electric water pump (150 l/min) to suit Nissan TD42 series. Designed for high performance or off road conditions. This pump is mounted remotely from the block, eliminating the need to run the pump with belts from the crank pulley, reducing the strain on the engine and parasitical power losses. This kit includes an LCD temperature controller for mounting in the vehicle. Also requires water pump and thermostat housing replacement, fittings and hoses. (Davies Craig brand - made in Australia)

Our part number: WPE8870
Retail Price $544.50 inc


Spool mounting bracket for Davies Craig EWP150 electric water pump. (Davies Craig brand)

Our part number: WPE8700
Retail Price $69.52 inc


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